Imagine Yourself As a Scientist

Last month we asked a few children ages 6-10 to imagine themselves as a scientist and draw what that would look like.

Along with the picture we asked them to state:

1) What kind of scientist are you?

2) What are you doing?

3) Why is your work important?

Here’s what they came up with.

The artwork and answers are fascinating.

Click on each link to see the drawing.

Alyssa, age 6.  Medical Scientist

Saisahasra, age 6.  Volcanologist

Anjanaa, age 8.  Plant Scientist

Chloe, age 8.  Creative Scientist

Maya, age 8.  Space Scientist

Aditri, age 8.  Environmental Scientist

Tanish, age 8.  Chemist

Amon, age 8.  Paleontologist

Drishti, age 9.  Zoologist

Tanvi, age 9.  Ethologist

Sushank, age 9.  Inventor

Gayathri, age 9.  Astronaut

Hemanrutha, age 10. Paleontologist

Sathvika, age 10.  Petroleum Scientist

Armaan, age 10.  Paleontologist