Thinh Nguyen, M.S. 

Thinh is a Biomedical Engineer at a global diagnostics company in Irving, TX. He holds a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Since high school Thinh enjoyed math, biology and physics and ultimately combined these interests to developing mechanical, electrical, biological systems. Thinh is excited about his current work designing diagnostic blood analyzers that can make a difference for someone’s life.

Thinh continually seeks new activities to get out of his comfort zone. In his spare time he is involved with real estate, swing dance, improvisational comedy, and leadership training.  “This is like breathing for me. I make time for what I love and nothing less. I learn from all my side interests and they feed back into my core passions.”

His advice for younger people is:  “Don’t always feel you have to get something right the first time.  It’s ok to make mistakes in life. Just because you choose one path, you aren’t locked in. You can still alter your path.  Always be in discovery about yourself and the world.”