Dr. Nupur Srivastava, PhD

Dr. Nupur Srivistava, Ph.D
Dr. Nupur Srivistava, Ph.D

Growing up in India, Nupur was always fascinated with the growth and development of living things. She made good grades in both math and science and her parents encouraged her to focus on math. However, she chose science for her high school major because she felt that was really who she was.

Nupur was particularly inspired by her 12th grade biology teacher who enthusiastically introduced interesting, hands-on experiments to the class.  At the time Nupur didn’t know what her future would be but decided to follow her intuitive love for science.  When a college friend told her he simply wanted to be a scientist, that statement resonated with her and she eventually completed her PhD in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.

Nupur came to the US in 2013 and resides in Texas with her husband and two children. She feels her true calling is to teach science and to help young people develop their love for science.  “When I see my own kids, I see how they have so much imagination and are so creative -much more than my own generation. They definitely have a spark for science.”

Nupur wants kids to understand how science is changing the world.  She enjoys developing fun science experiments for kids, so they can learn with all their senses and follow their own heart.  She feels it is so important for children to see how science is connected to their everyday lives. “With social media and the internet, today‘s kids have so many more avenues to explore and be educated in science.  I want everyone to be encouraged by My Passion for Science.”

Nupur writes blog articles for www.mypassionforscience.org and her own website, www.sparklystarz.com.