Dr. May Li, Founder

Dr. May Li,PhD

A former biotech research scientist, May transitioned away from the bench and is currently a scientific recruiter, helping scientists advance their careers in drug discovery.  As far back as second grade, she announced to her teacher that she wanted to become a scientist.  After considering other options in music or medicine she decided to pursue a college major in biology.  May was amazed by her biology professor at Cornell University, who lectured in front of 1,000 freshman college students on the stage of a large auditorium.  She was mesmerized by her graduate school professor at Columbia University, who described the DNA helix so vividly, she couldn’t wait to attend each class.   Throughout her life May was encouraged by her father, a Professor of Materials Science, who took an active interest in her elementary school science fair projects and expected nothing short of a PhD of anyone in the family.  Due to these influential figures in her life, May is dedicated to creating experiences for young people where they can also discover science in a way that is fascinating, rewarding and unforgettably fun.